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"Learn The Secrets to Website Building and Hosting, How to
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Hi, I'm David Bohmiller, your tour guide for website building and hosting at

I'm here to teach you all about how to build a website, increase website traffic, and make money online with your website.

There's a lot to learn, so don't forget to bookmark us as your favorite resource for web design tips.

That was one of my favorite videos by a fellow SBI'er who found some happiness online :)

You'll find out how he and others did it and how you can do it, too.

how to build a website

"Have a Website Question?"

Confused about how to build a website? Learn from other readers' questions and see our responses in our "Q and A" section. Ask here!

We'll get to that soon enough!

In addition to all our information on how to make your own website, you'll also have access to our catalog of free special reports and e-books to help grow your online business.

Grab some coffee, get comfortable, and get ready to open your eyes to the website tips that will help you make your own website and put you on the path to financial freedom.

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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You Can Build a Website...

website success

It's true. I know it's scary at first, but creating a website is well within your reach.

All it takes is a little time, a little know how, and a little dedication.

All 3 of those put together will get you there.

We've dedicated an entire section to the ins and outs of building a website.

You'll learn about building your home page, mistakes to avoid, setting up a website checklist, and how I became a website builder.

Start your journey and continue reading about how to make a website.

Want to Increase Website Traffic?

increase website traffic

Do you want more website visitors?

(So does this little group over here)

In this section you'll learn...

Continue reading about how to increase website traffic.

All About Web Design Services...

website builder

With so much website design software available, getting ready to build a website and even knowing where to start can be very confusing.

Here we take a look at some cool website tips.

We've got plenty for the "do-it-yourself" crowd and for those looking for a little extra help from web design professionals.

Continue reading about website design software and website services here.

Continue here to learn all about our website creation service options at

Don't Forget to Check Out Our Blog

website building and hosting

Do you want to see our most recent articles and observations on how to start a blog or how to make a website?

Getting the most pertinent and relevant web design information is easy.

All you have to do is check out our blog list.

You'll be able to see our most recent posts with mini-descriptions, so you can find those of most value to you quickly and easily.

Continue to our most recent updates on our blog page.

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All About SiteBuildIt!

I built this website using SiteBuildIt! and I use their organization for every website that I build.

site build it

Since I've become pretty adept at using their web design tools and resources, I thought I'd give you an inside look at what they have to offer.

You'll learn all about brainstorming, keyword phrase organization, mistakes to avoid, and lots of insider secrets.

Continue reading here to learn all about website creation using SiteBuildIt!

Would You Like to Earn While You Learn?

how to build a website

This section is best for newcomers and for those of you that have your own website already, but are discouraged that you are not making the money online that you had envisioned.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you'll be able to earn while you learn how to build a website that provides valuable content and draws free website traffic.

You'll have a dedicated instructor. You'll even have classmates -- and homework. And, it's all online.

Continue here for more on how to earn while you learn through e-Learning.

Even More Info on Website Building

website conference

With as much website marketing information as we provide, it's inevitable that you'll still have some questions.

One of the favorite resources of our readers is our live teleconference.

It's a great way to listen in, get valuable website building information, and get answers to your questions right away.

Continue here to learn more about our design your own website live teleconference.

Website Optimization Services

website optimization service

Some of the most visited websites are only among the top dogs because of their keyword optimization.

Our most popular website optimization service takes the guesswork out of this process.

With two delivery options, lists of up to 1,000 keyword phrases with demand, supply, and profitability numbers, and results to back it all up, this is our most highly sought after website service.

Continue here to learn more about our website optimization service.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

best affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing programs are among the easiest ways to make money online, yet there are vast differences in the available affiliate internet marketing programs.

Find your favorite affiliate marketing opportunity and watch your online income grow.

In this section of we answer the question, "What is affiliate marketing?" and we reveal the 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for you.

Continue here to read about the Top 3 Best Affiliate Programs.

Creating a Full-Time Affiliate Income

affiliate income

In order to create an online affiliate income, you must go through affiliate marketing training.

The best part about this is that we've found one affiliate marketing course that's completely free.

It even provides better free information than most people charge for.

Continue here to learn about building your affiliate income.

Our Kajabi Review

kajabi marketing

Kajabi is the new kid on the block, but it's been endorsed and is used by some of the most elite internet marketers around.

In our Kajabi review you will learn what makes this software so special and you'll have access to 2 free videos and a special report all from the Kajabi marketing team.

Continue here to learn about our Kajabi review.

Thanks for Visiting

Thanks again for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy reading all of our info as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Committed to your website success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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