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a blatant pitch (that you should open NOW)
August 22, 2009

Here's the deal -

My most successful websites in terms of daily traffic and number of visitors have always been the ones I built with SiteBuildIt!

Hands down. Nothing else compares. No blogs, no freebie sites. SiteBuildIt! has no competition unless you feel like paying every month for traffic (I know I wouldn't do that!)

Normally 1 site is $300, but until August 29th, you can get 2 of them for just $400!

Click here to learn about Custom Website Designer

But, here's the extra special deal:

If you buy through my website (either the single site at regular price or two for the sale price), I will personally build the first 10 pages of your website for FREE!

Go to the my link below, read my review, click on the Add to Cart button, and read the specifics from SiteBuildIt! themselves, then email me your proof of purchase, and we'll schedule a phone conference to talk about your site and get it going!

There's no jokes, funny business, or secret agenda.

This is where I got my start online and I want to help my friends get their start online too.

Here's the link again:

Click here to learn about Custom Website Designer

If you're not excited yet, well I'm excited for you!

Committed to your success,

David Bohmiller

P.S. Congrats to Jason for contacting me earlier today to get started on his site already!

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