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could you choose just one?
October 07, 2009

Every day I spend a few hours reading blog posts and special reports, watching videos, and following Tweets (Twitter updates).

It's all part of my continuing education :)

In my research, I came across a fantastic response by Jason Moffatt to one of his blog readers.

"You find “ONE” affiliate product that you “LOVE”. Something that you just can’t stop talking about. Something you think is extremely helpful to others. And you build a site and blog around that one product and nothing else. And you become an evangelist for that product. Blog about it. Twitter about it. Make videos about it. Offer customers special bonuses if they buy it from you. Instead of looking for different opportunities I like to simplify things. Just spend your time driving traffic to one thing you truly believe in."

When I first got started online, I tried to promote everything under the sun. It didn't work.

Now that I promote far fewer products with greater success, I realize that it still may not be apparent what my ONE most trusted resource is.

Could you pick just one product to promote if you had to? (Other than your own)

What would it be?

Message me back and let me know what your favorite affiliate product is and why. I'm looking forward to your response.

Committed to your success,

David Bohmiller

My "ONE" -

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