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October 17, 2009

WARNING: If you ever buy anything off a link on my site(s), I get paid, sometimes as much as 90% or more!

Most times anything from $25 - $300 depending upon the product or service. Anyway, the cool thing is that I only promote the products that I know will help you.

With that said, It's time for the $100 SBI Halloween Special (SBI is what I've been using to build profitable websites for years).

If you got last week's newsletter, then you've already read some sick (the good kind) case studies.

If you missed it, then check them out here in my cleverly disguised affiliate link:

If YOU've been thinking of SBI!, now is the time for you to start. So you just might want to get a friend to start and split the cost, earn a $100 commission, AND add that person into your 2nd tier team.

Split the cost = $199 each.

$100 commission reduces your cost to $99.

Repeat commissions and 2nd tier by the person in your team reduces it to zero... or better!

HINT: That's what I'd do.

Anyway, checkout the WAHM's page (Work at Home Moms) and educate yourselves.

Here's the secret link:


Committed to your success,

David Bohmiller

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