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coming to your town...
November 19, 2009

He really did it.

Leave it to Jason to come up with another "Out Of The Box" idea. You must see what he's up to now...

He actually is going to meet every single customer and that includes you!

You must see this video where Jason explains his plans to come to your town for a few brewski's, camping, and business masterminding...

This is truly a epic idea. And I'm sure it's going to be a blast too.

Don't pass up the opportunity to hang out with this guy if you get a chance. He's a riot to party with.


Committed to your success,

David Bohmiller

PS: I think Jason may need to be hospitalized or something. I just took a look at the offer he's making to you and he's leaving a ton of loot on the table.

There's no continuity charges in his offer. No upsells or downsells, and the price is under $500 for lifetime access!

Yeah, no kidding! You gotta see it to believe it...

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