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YAY! (latest insanity for fun and profit...)
November 29, 2009

I know you're busy, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Ken Evoy just decided to offer his website building software (the one I use for all my sites) at a ridiculously low rate.


I was talking to my friend Dr. Charles today and we both sorta think he's crazy and wondered how long he'd be able to keep it this way!

"Everyone" should be creating and building their own websites.

Honestly, if you've wanted your own website and you don't get this deal, then you're the crazy one.



Committed to your success,

David Bohmiller

P.S. ~ The 3 sites that I've built using this system all make a nice profit for me and get most of their traffic from the search engines so I don't have to pay extra moolah for traffic...SWEET.

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