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brainstorming for your website
May 20, 2010

I was comparing the traffic to my SBI websites today and thought I'd share with you some of the statistics.

My Personal Trainer School (3 years old) ~ approx. 700 unique visitors per day

Inspirational Friendship Poems (5 months old) ~ approx. 250 unique visitors per day

WebWorksToday (1 year old) ~ approx. 50 unique visitors per day

Inexpensive Engagement Rings (4 months old) ~ approx. 40 unique visitors per day

What's really important here is that I could have done a better job utilizing the BrainstormIt! tool provided by SBI.

It's vital to consider how competitive a market you'll be entering along with the supply, demand, and profitability measures provided by SBI.

My poetry and engagement ring sites already gather lots of "Google Love" much more-so than this very site does.

For more SBI tips, findings, and reviews, take a look at SBI's new review site below. You may be able to enhance the effectiveness of your current site or blog, or even create a new SBI site to direct greater traffic to your current business.


Committed to your success,

David Bohmiller

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