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Best Free Affiliate Marketing Course

"The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course Revealed -- FREE Training and Instruction!!"

To be able to make the most money online, you'll want the best free affiliate marketing course.

There are tons of ways to market products online and create passive income, whether they are your own products or those of someone else.

Most people will create a blog or a cheap website, make a couple posts, put up a bunch of affiliate links to the page or website they want to promote, then cross their fingers and hope that it works.

I don't have to tell you that it won't -- you already know that.

How to Make Your Affiliate Program Work...for FREE

Recently, I've come across the most complete free affiliate marketing training program that I've seen since I've been online.

It's called the 2nd Tier Affiliate Training Center. Once inside (again for free), you have access to the quick start video, the training blog, weekly affiliate video training, and the support center.

Here are some of the recent blog topics...

  • Micro Continuity and Thanks
  • Boston and Micro Continuity
  • Affiliate Marketing and Micro Continuity
  • Affiliate Training Show - Micro Continuity
  • $27 to Our Affiliates...
  • What Is Russell Doing?
  • New Affiliate Training

Each one gives some insight into what the top affiliates are doing to drive traffic, build their list, and increase opt-ins and conversions.

What has been most effective for me are the pre-designed and cut and paste style tools available for promotion.

You'll have access to the following resources:

  • Banners
  • Text Links
  • Emails
  • Blog Reviews
  • Articles
  • and Thank You Pages
  • All include pre-written content with your affiliate link automatically built-in.

    My biggest suggestion is to set aside time each week to follow the affiliate webinar hosted by Russell's affiliate manager.

    He answers questions from other affiliates immediately and on video -- questions that you've probably been asking yourself.

    Go There Now...And Start Making Money

    Since there is no cost to join, I'm not sure why you wouldn't at least check out the resources and see if it's a good fit for you.

    Even if you're not impressed with the features available to you, it'll be a good look into what an effective affiliate marketing course and training center should look like, just in case you want to setup your own in the future.

    Committed to your success,

    David I. Bohmiller, President

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