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Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

"Affiliate Program Marketing Can Be a Lucrative Pursuit, and You'll Have a Leg Up on The Competition If You've Been Trained By Successful Professionals"

Joining an affiliate marketing training program might be one of the best investments you make.

If you're just joining us and you're not sure what what affiliate programs are, it's a way of earning a commission for promoting someone else's programs or services online.

It's one of the easiest ways to make money online, but it can be a tough, uphill battle, if you don't have the basics covered.

The Mistakes You're Probably Making...

The big mistake that most novice internet marketers make is promoting too many products, not pre-selling, and promoting too often without really connecting with their audience by providing quality info.

A majority of the programs that teach you how to make money online as an affiliate are terribly confusing and don't convert well unless you've got a ton of systems already in place.

So, you might make a few bucks here and there, but that's not what you REALLY want, right?

Like most online marketers, you want to quit your day job and be able to make a living online.

A New Affiliate Marketing Training Program Beginning...

There are a handful of successful internet marketers that I follow online, and yes, they make everything they do look easy.

But, they also realize the misgivings of many of the "old programs".

Being the "evil geniuses" that they are, they've set out to focus on keeping things as simple as possible...the way it should be.

What's really amazed me about this group, and most recently Russell Brunson in particular, is the amount of information given away completely for FREE.

Videos, Free Shipping and Handling, and Micro Continuity...

The last video that I watched was an introduction (51 minutes) to Russell's MicroContinuity program in which he talks about his dreams and the path he took to achieve those dreams.

The information in the video alone is very close to being enough to launch your own successful site or revamp an old one.

The offer he makes afterwards is a tactic that's being used more often now, in which you may opt to have a value-rich product shipped to you for the cost of shipping and handling only.

Many of these "shipping only" products and the information they include are valued upwards of $2,000.

In this case, Russell was offering a free mp3 player pre-loaded with recordings from a live event he held on internet marketing tactics.

NOTE: The attendees at that event paid $2,500 to attend!

So, What Happens Next?

If you decide to get the mp3 player for only shipping and handling (you better hurry, because he really only had 2000 of them to give away) you then enter a series of upsell and downsell options.

The information in these offers is what you or your audience should really be interested in if you want to setup your own successfull product launch websites.

You'll probably even get a free trial period (usually 2 weeks) to a video coaching series that walks you through the steps to success.

What You Should Do Next...

I'd highly consider looking into Russell's MicroContinuity program if you want to setup a successful website of your own and promote your own products and programs.

But, if you'd rather make better use of your affiliate marketing training and promote your own products and promote Russell's, then you need to join his affiliate program now.

Once you register as an affiliate with Russell you'll have full access to the Products and Tools Library, Russell's Training Blog, the Quick Start Video, and his full Support System.

Russell's affiliate marketing training is only for people who are serious about making money online, so if you're not going to watch the videos and put his success techniques to use, then you probably shouldn't register.

But, if you want to change your life and follow a program that's easy to follow, and ridiculously successful, then you should check it out now.

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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