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The Best Affiliate Marketing Program: The Champion

"So Many Website Builders Have Found Success, It's No Wonder They Are Quickly Becoming Supporters of the Best Affiliate Marketing Program"

SiteBuildIt! has become the best affiliate marketing program in they eyes of many successful website builders.

For most website and business owners, making money online has always been a goal, but affiliate internet marketing isn't always the top of mind strategy.

It's not until you realize "Oh, this internet stuff really works", that you start to think outside the box (or without the box as some people now say).

So, why is SiteBuildIt! the top affiliate program internationally? We've put together our "High 5" reasons for you.

SiteBuildIt! Strengths...

1) Everyone Can Use It

I should say everyone can use it effectively. One of the top reasons that SBI website builders have so much success is that the software and services along with a little effort on the builder's part are capable of building successful websites for any field or subject.

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It's usually once the website owner has created a successful website or two and feels a growing confidence in their website building skill that they start to talk about it -- online.

Normally, they've been telling people about it everyday, at work, on the phone, in line at the coffee shop, even at diners and restaraunts.

Then there's the epiphany of putting "word of mouth" on paper (online).

2) Seemingly Unlimited Resources

If you're "just" creating a website, the website building toolkit provided is enourmous. And, as I've said before your journey begins with the Action Guide.

For affiliates, the resources available begin with the Affiliate Masters Course. It's something you'll want to take a look at even before you decide to become an affiliate.

Once inside, you'll have access to several detailed sections on how to build and promote effectively -- both online and offline.

Here's a glimpse into what's included:

  • PRE-Selling Builders - Articles and tutorials on effectively presenting what SBI and its resources mean to you

  • Promo Builders - Video, banners, blogs, TV, and more

  • Offline Selling - How to turn your passion into a local business (think of all the small businesses that could benefit)

  • Admin/Accounting/Stats - Track your leads, conversions, and your team members

  • 5 Pillar Forums - Get ideas from other affiliates, ask questions, and spark new ideas

  • Getting Started? - If you've never been part of an affiliate program before you'll want a path to follow

  • 5P Misc - Important items of note from redirects and reminders of the no spamming policy to back issues of important ezine messages

  • SBI Owner? - BrainstormIt and Site Central for owners -- remember you don't have to own SBI to become a part of the powerful affiliate program

3) The Support of Many

website success

Whenever I'm entering uncharted territory, I like to have a guide -- someone who has been there before.

In the case of SiteBuildIt!, there are many guides.

Some spend their days as employees of SBI, some help out while building their own websites, and many are SBI website owners (frequently gathered in the forums) who want to share ideas and lend a helping hand.

With so many people on your side and with someone available for contact at almost any moment of the day, it's impossible to say that you're in it alone.

4) Recurring Commissions

Each year that I've been using SiteBuildIt!, I've made more money. That's both through my SBI websites and through the 5P Affiliate Program.

A nice aside to the initial affiliate commission is that you'll be paid again a year later when that same person renews their website subscription.

You don't have to do a thing. Everything is tracked for you and commissions are paid on-time everytime.

It's nice to know that you don't have to keep going back to ask for money. SBI takes care of the processing and you can continue to build your business.

5) Your Sales Force

Although I've created a nice side-business of my own and have helped many people enjoy the benefits of SBI, I do have some helping hands.

Every person that I've personally introduced to SBI is now part of my affiliate team. They are able to promote SBI to their friends, family, throught their websites and within their communities and they receive Tier 1 commissions whenever they refer a sale.

That's great news for them!

It's also great news for me as I receive a slightly smaller, but much appreciated Tier 2 commission.

Think of your current business network or even your current company. There's really no limit to how large of an affiliate team you can grow.

Join My Affiliate Team Today...

best affiliate programs

As a member of my affiliate team, you'll have access to all of the affiliate resources -- both online and off.

There's no cost to you as you don't need to be an SBI owner.

Click Here to become an affiliate and read through the 5 Pillar Orientation Guide and Masters Course today.

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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