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Creating a Website and 5 Mistakes You'll Probably Make

"5 Things to Avoid When Creating a Website"

Oops. That was my general feeling when I knew I had made my own mistakes creating a website — kinda like spending too much money in Vegas last time I was there.

Everyone’s going to go through them, it’s just how you bounce back that makes the BIG difference.

“Fall down seven times, get up eight,” I think is the Japanese proverb.

You know what? It holds true. I haven’t built 7 SBI websites yet, but I know I will. And I know that each time I do, my results will get better.

Creating A Website Is A Learning Process...

It’s like my friend Dr. Charles says, “I’ve learned so much since I first did the keyword research for my site. I’m definitely not going back to change it, but I can’t wait to start another site.”

He’s been building a website with SBI now for just over a year and has had some great success.

You can check out his main website right here.

It’s definitely amazing to me how far he, I, and lots of other SBI web designers have come. But, the important thing to note is that we did make mistakes along the way.

To help you out whether you are an SBI-er or not, I’ve put together a list of 5 Site Build It Website Mistakes in Creating a Website. These are the things to watch out for and avoid.

Here ya Go…

The 5 No-No's...

1) Naming Your Site First

Not naming your site first takes some getting used to, but it is super important, even if you already have an existing business name.

Here’s an example.

I’ve been a successful Personal Trainer for much of the past decade. I’ve worked with tons of clients individually and in groups. I’ve even taught hundreds of Personal Trainers how to grow their businesses…BUT, for all those connections that I’ve made (1,000’s), my name is only searched in Google about 20 times each month.

Why is that important?

If my site were called something like, then I’d probably top out at about 20 visitors per month.

Obviously that’s not including the people that find the other pages of my site, but I’d still rather find a site name with a keyword phrase that gets searched thousands of times each month. It just means there will be more potential for search engine traffic. Plus, you can always reserve a site domain name to use as a redirect option.

2) Not Writing Everyday

The only people that I’ve see fail with SBI websites are the people that don’t write new content.

Honestly, writing horrible content is better than writing no content at all.

What are you going to write about? Whatever your passion is.

You’re the expert in your field or in your hobby, so all you have to do is start telling your story and giving suggestions.

If you wrote a page or an article everyday for a year, at the end of that year your site would be 365 pages. That’s a good site for not having outsourced any of the writing responsibilities.

3) Linking to Everyone

Link exchanges are important in creating a website, but as the “spiders” that crawl the internet get smarter, they are beginning to frown upon the sites that just throw up pages with 100’s of outgoing links.

Your most important links are going to be the ones that increase the value of your message for your readers.

Here’s an example on my exercise ball page.

The main page contains content I’ve created and then points to another SBI site that shares stability ball exercises with my readers.

That same website points back to mine from a different page with a different topic.

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN…for me, for him, and especially for our readers.

4) Picking a Topic That No One Likes

You might love, love, love your pet rock collection, BUT, does anyone else?

Maybe a few people do (in Idaho), but those people might not bring you enough traffic to make any money using your SBI website.

By following the SBI 10 Day Action Guide, you can be sure that your hobby or business has the legs to attract a boatload of visitors.

5) Picking a Topic With Too Much Competition

You may have picked a niche that everyone is searching for — something like weight loss.

But, Uh-Oh!!!

Guess what? There are 3 million other weight loss sites on the internet.

Do you think you’ll be found? It’s a shot in the dark, even with SBI’s help.

That’s why the research portion of SBI’s Action Guide is important.

Not only will it tell you if people are interested in your chosen topic, but they’ll help you judge the level of competition and potential profitability.

Does that help?

I know I wish that I had a resource like this when I was just getting started.

With so much going on in our “regular” lives, it’s sometimes tough to put in the time and effort to get something we’re really passionate about off the ground.

We'll get there. "Fall down seven times, get up eight."

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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