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"Is There Really Such a Thing As a FREE Website Optimization Service?"

Is there such a thing as a free website optimization service?

Usually when internet marketers hear this term, we often assume that people are referring to something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) -- basically how well your website places within Google's search engines.

Sure, there's the possibility that they mean the look and feel of your site or the overall appearance or functionality, but more often than not what it boils down to is how many people are able to find your site.

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization...

People type specific phrases into Google (and other search engines) everyday.

It is these specific phrases, how often they are searched and how many other pages use those phrases that play a determining role in the profitibality of those terms.

I'll go with baseball as a niche for this example.

Let's say someone types the term "baseball" into Google. That term probably has very high demand, high supply, and low profitability as there is so much competition for that term. Basically, there may be too many players in the internet marketing game for you to successfully rank well and draw lots of traffic from that term.

But, if we get more specific with your term and search for "rookie baseball cards", the numbers will show a drastic difference.

The second phrase, although popular, is likely searched far less often than the original term. Also, the number of pages using that keyword phrase specifically are probably far fewer. This means that your potential for ranking well for that term is much higher than the original.

Another benefit as you learn how to build a website is that any traffic you do receive from organic searches will be more highly qualified (they are looking for something very specific and you are providing relevant information).

So, Does Free Website Optimization Exist?

The closest thing I've seen to free website optimization is people guessing at their keyword phrases when they learn to start a blog.

Short answer: No, I don't believe that it exists in a way that won't drain your pockets of hard earned money -- does that make sense?

The structure of a blog (although valuable for providing personality and information to your visitors) is not well suited to keyword phrase optimization.

Many of my blogs perform poorly in relation to the number of visitors that I receive to my SiteBuildIt! websites. That's because SBI includes a keyword research tool that provides you with the demand, supply, and profitability numbers.

Although I've strayed from them to experiment with new web design products, I keep coming back just for the increased website traffic that I get from each of their websites.

How Do You Get More Website Traffic?

If you decide to go without the tools available in a service like SiteBuildIt!, then another option is to pay for more website traffic.

Services are available to automate your PPC campaigns (See our PPC Evolution review) and help to ensure that you aren't throwing money away aimlessly.

Whichever route you take, you'll still do well to focus on link-building from high quality websites, using video and linking in from YouTube, and submitting articles to increase website traffic with services like

2 of The Best Website Optimization Services...

The first, an affiliate marketing course, is a FREE resource that shows you the inner workings of effective website promotion.

The second, an eLearning course, is a PAID resource that teaches you over the course of 12 weeks how to build a website that is fully optimized.

Both are of the highest quality and I have no doubt that you'd be able to succeed in making money online with either.

Enjoy and Great Luck!

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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