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Free Website Traffic Using YouTube

"Increase Your Site Traffic and Stay in Contact With Your Readers with Video Website Promotion"

Do you want free website traffic? Of course you do.

You've heard all the stories of internet marketers and the men and women who are enjoying successful website promotion (and with that some financial benefit as well).

So, how are they doing it?

If you're like me, you've been researching and studying (read: obsessing) about this very subject for years.

Some of them use some very advanced techniques, but to tell you the truth, almost everyone uses a few simple tools every single time they build a website that works.

You've heard of YouTube, right?

You've probably heard of YouTube. If you haven't, I'm scared for you (or of you...not sure yet). Just kidding.

The last time I checked (30 seconds ago), YouTube was the #3 ranked website in the whole world.

That's pretty amazing, right?

I have several friends whose sites rank in the top 50,000 and even that is a feat in itself.

YouTube also has a Page Rank of 9/10. (That's high).

So, why is YouTube important the success of your online business?

Because YouTube is ranked so highly, their links are also high in value.

When you set up your YouTube channel and create your profile and about me sections, be sure to include your "".

It will be important as your video views grow and gives viewers a way to click through to your site.

Another Important YouTube Feature

The ability to have your videos embedded on other people's websites.

No, they aren't stealing your hard work.

They found your information valuable and are willing/wanting to share it with their readers.

It's great for them because it increases the value of their product/service for their fan base...

AND, it is important for you because you have that many more opportunities for people to click through to your site because your link stays intact.

Go Do This Now

If you don't already have an account, get one. Create your description/profile and be sure to include the url of your home page or specific page you'd like for people to land on.

If you do already have an account and haven't formatted your profile in this manner, then get going.

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Go! Now!!

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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P.S. - Wasn't it Pleasantville that started off as a black and white movie, then something magical happened? That's what this video reminded me of.

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