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How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

"How to Make Affiliate Income - The Tools, Resources, and Insight You'll Need to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing"

"How do affiliate programs work?"

That's usually the follow-up question to, "How do I make money online?" that I get almost everyday.

There's not a whole lot of science to it, although there are strategies that you should know if you want to be a successful online marketer.

As with anything (even if it looks easy), there are ways to screw it up, become frustrated, and end up throwing in the towel -- not to mention throwing away your profits in the process.

Wait, I Can Make Money Selling Other People's Stuff?

That's essentially what this type of program is -- you become part of the "salesforce" for another person who has already created a product or service that they are marketing on the internet.

They've put in the time, effort, and money (aka blood, sweat, and tears) to create the product and are willing to give you a commission for your sales and sometimes just for leads.

Usually, the clicks from your email(s), blog(s), website(s) to their sales page or pages are tracked by a separate service and commissions can be paid instantly or in a mass pay format.

Why Would They Pay Me?

Imagine that you came up with that one incredible idea and then you worked day and night to make it a reality.

You developed a product with high value that was ready to present to the world, except the internet didn't exist. There were no phones, either.

In order to sell your product, you had to go door-to-door.

You're only one person, though! -- How many doors do you think you'd have to knock on and how long would it take you?

Do you see where I'm headed?

Most internet marketers are willing to pay high commissions of usually 50% - 90% and sometimes even 100% on their front-end products since you are bringing the traffic to them.

Really, 100% Commission?

It's worth it to them because without you, they wouldn't have had that visitor, lead, or sale to begin with.

And, as another benefit, with you as their "salesforce", it frees up valuable time for them to concentrate on the other parts of their business -- salespage variable testing, pay per click advertising, and new product creation among other things.

The most successful online marketing groups usually have a dedicated affiliate program manager and whole sections of their websites dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources you'll need to be a top level affiliate.

ppc evolution

So, How Do They Make A Profit Online?

Most internet marketers have realized that just having one product level doesn't cut it.

Whether it's an ebook or special report, there's only so much that can be delivered in that medium.

They'll now normally give that information away for free, or in a free shipping and handling offer (on which you may be able to earn an affiliate commission), then they introduce a 2nd offer called an upsell to the visitor.

This 2nd offer is a higher priced product or service that may also peak the interest of the visitor.

In many cases, a series of upsells and downsells are presented with everything from home study courses, to video continuity programs, and even live events.

This is where the real money is made online.

One of My Favorite Things About Making Money Online...

Although I have created several of my own products, I still make the majority of my money online through promoting the products and services of other internet marketers.

The best thing about it for me is that half the time, I almost forget that I had done the work.

Just last week, I was back in Boston visiting my parents and received a check in the mail for $52 from one of the programs that I promote.

You're probably saying that $52 isn't a lot of money, but the payment was via a fitness product that I had written a review for about 2 years ago.

For that one hour of work that it took to write an article, I've been paid multiple times.

My Favorite Affiliate Programs...

Here's a list of the programs that have been most profitable for me.

There are some that have higher commissions as they are more expensive products and/or services.

You can choose to promote whatever you like, but definitely check these out as they've been good to me and hopefully they'll be good to you.

1) Russell Brunson's 2nd Tier Affiliate Program
The most impressive set of affiliate program tools that I've ever seen.

2) The SiteBuildIt! Affiliate Program
SiteBuildIt! still (for me) ranks as the king of organic traffic. You'll have full access to their resources and knowledge here.

3) Dr. Mike's PPC Course
This is one of the newer ones that I've reviewed, but has some of the most generous commissions -- and it's recurring, always a GREAT thing.

Hopefully that gives you a better understanding of the age old question, "How do affiliate programs work?"

Enjoy and Great luck!

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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