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How to Blog for Increased Website Traffic

"Capture and Keep Your Audience by Learning How to Blog Effectively"

Learning how to blog or write interesting and effective copy is an important skill if you want to make your living online.

There are important differences in choosing a website versus a blog, but the secrets I'm going to teach you here apply to writing for each.

Each of these tips has helped internet marketers in securing the attention of their target audience and ensuring a large percentage of repeat visitors converted to loyal followers.

5 Internet Marketing Secrets...

1) Know Your Audience - Understanding the people that make up your target audience is critical to you website or blog success.

If you're writing to the "wrong" people, then your message will be lost.

Here's an example. I'll use fitness.

There are tons of specialty certifications in fitness; post rehab, kickboxing, pilates, yoga, performance enhancement, weight loss, and more.

The personal trainers that I've seen (I was a Personal Trainer and Fitness Director for over a decade) who try to cater to all of these markets are the ones who get lost in the long run.

The most successful fitness business owners have been the ones that chose one specific audience and became the expert for that audience, in effect crushing any competition.

Bottom line - select your audience and stick to it.

2) Know Your Message - For online business to succeed, you'll have to sell something; a product or a service usually.

Having too many options delivered through too many messages confuses your reader(s).

If you do plan to have several monetization options, prioritize them and introduce them one at a time.

Make sure you have lots of valuable content delivering the intended message. And, give your readers time to digest that message before you "attack" them with the next one.

Confusion leads to irritation. Irritation leads to a lot of "unsubscribers".

Bottom line - select your message and stick to it.

3) Call When You Say You Will - Isn't that annoying when you're expecting a call, an email, or a project to be completed, and it's not delivered as expected?

I think so.

Whether you provide a newsletter, direct mailings, blog posts, or article and video updates, deliver them on a consistent schedule.

If you newsletter normally gets to my email inbox every Monday morning, whether you said it would or not, it becomes a habit for me to look for it every Monday.

And, if all of a sudden your newsletter emails become more sporadic in nature, I'll be less likely to care. Then, it'll end up in the deleted folder.

That's what your loyal subscribers are thinking. And, it's not the result that you want.

The same goes for your blog posts and direct mailings. Prioritize and organize your time, so you can build consistency in this aspect of your online business.

4) Show Some Personality - We all have competition and sometimes it's not the product itself that your customers are buying.

Sure, it's expected that you're going to put your best into whatever product or service you've created, but much of the time, it's the connection and rapport with your website visitors that is the deciding factor.

You might choose to bring your personality to the table through video updates.

Maybe you mention a line or two about your day at the beginning of each newsletter.

Or maybe your personality comes across in your writing.

Whatever it is, just don't be a robot. (One of my favorite dances..haha).

5) Overdeliver - After all of the above, repeat business and loyal readership comes down to whether your information is deemed valuable.

That goes for both any free content you provide and any fee-based product or service.

Your readers should have been wowed by your message and content, but should be completely floored by the quality of your product or service.

You're On Your Way to Learning How to Blog...

Print this page and post it somewhere visible as a reminder of 5 priorities in writing for increased traffic on your blog or website.

I'm sure you'll be a huge success!

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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