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Best Link Building Tools

"Link Building Tools, Strategies, and Tips to Help You Increase Website Traffic"

Having link building tools that attract the attention of the most popular websites with high page rank is a critical part of your site's overall success.

Most website builders miss out on this important part of the web success puzzle.

Either that, or they don't start as early as they should, and then are forced to play catch up to improve their alexa rank and page rank.

3 Link Building Tips...

1) Smart Blog Comments

Adding insightful comments to blog posts relevant to your niche can help you obtain more website traffic.

An even better method is to outsource your blog posting by hiring someone or bartering with someone capable of writing posts that add to the conversation -- not posts that spam.

2) Consistent Article Submission

Using article submission websites like will help to make your material available to website builders that you may not have time to contact individually.

They'll be able to peruse your article library, and post your articles in their ezines, newsletters, and blogs. Each of those posts should keep your important website links intact, thus sending you a share of their traffic.

One of my favorite deep-linking techniques is to post an "incomplete" article with links to a page on my site that contains "the rest of the story".

It is important to note that you still want your shortened/shared articles to have the highest quality information, but the most wanted response you're after is that it entices people to click through to visit your site for more of that high quality info.

3) Creating Joint Ventures

An important link building strategy is also a list building strategy.

By setting up an article exchange, newsletter exchange, or even Twitter exchange (Follow WebWorksToday on Twitter), you can gather both in-pointing links and add additional fans by way of your opt-in newsletter.

That same joint venture can also be used to assist in making more money through affiliate income and other revenue streams.

Best Free Link Building Tools...

SiteSell's Value Exchange: (Recommended) The SBI Value Exchange is a free service that finds sites of similar content that you may (or may not) want to exchange links with. It weeds out some of the spammy websites, helping to make sure that you are introduced to those that should help your page rank and increase website traffic.

Google Search: Searching for blogs in related to your topic of interest can help you create a list of high-quality blogs that you'll want to comment on each week. This is obviously less of a service and does take some time unless you delegate it to an employee or someone that you barter with, but it still delivers results nonetheless.


Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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