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Link Building to Increase Website Traffic

"Your Increased Website Traffic Can Be a Direct Result of the Strength of Your
Link Building Program"

Telling your friends about a great restaraunt you went to is a form of a link building program.

If you've got good things to say about anything, people are going to check it out based on your recommendation.

  • You've got to see the new James Bond movie -- it's incredible.
  • Have you been to the deli on the corner? They're jalapeno grilled chicken sandwich rocks.
  • Hey, I found this site -- definitely check it out!

If the suggestion is coming from a person or source that you know and trust, you'll most likely go see what they're talking about.

link building

The same is true in the world of website promotion.

Building Link Popularity...

A systematic link exchange program will increase website traffic and better your rankings in Alexa and Page Rank.

The greater the number of reputable sites that link to yours, whether to your home page or by "deep-linking" to a 2nd tier or 3rd tier page, the greater your opportunity for success.

Google and others see the number of sites pointing to yours and say to themselves, "Hmmm...this site must be of some value. Let's make sure people can find it."

Not bad, right?

How to Create Link Popularity...

There are several ways to gather in-pointing links.

Article submission sites like are a great way to get started.

Their reach allows people to find your articles and publish them to their sites while keeping your links intact.

Video promotion websites are also a great source of website traffic.

Continue reading my article - Using YouTube to Generate Free Website Traffic.

link exchange

An Opportunity You Might Be Missing...

Since I use SiteBuildIt! for all of my websites, I have access to all of their resources that only SBI owners get.

One that I wouldn't want to work without is their Value Exchange program.

Here's how it works.

You record your most important keywords during registration and almost immediately you'll start receiving suggestions on sites that you might want to link with.

It's important to research each suggestion before contacting the owner of the site, just so you can make sure that their information is up to your standards and will be of value to your readers since you'll be sending a few of them to that site.

The beauty of the system is that you'll be getting a return link from your exchange partner.

It becomes a WIN-WIN for both parties involved.'s a SECRET!!!

You can register for SiteSell's Value Exchange even if you're not an SBI Owner. How cool is that!

Continue here to get your complimentary software: Sitesell's Value Exchange (SVE).

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