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Make a Free Website

"Learn How to Make a Free Website (and Why It May Never Be Found)"

To make a free website, you'll probably want to use a service like Weebly.

But, if you actually want someone to see your domain, it'd be wise to consider some other options.

As you've heard me say before, most blogs (including many of my own) rarely see the level of traffic necessary to support an online income.

For increased website traffic, you'll want to explore either PPC campaigns or a means of attracting organic website traffic.

Paying for More Website Traffic...

At some point, whether you start a free blog or website, most people end up getting more website traffic by paying for it.

There goes your free website.

That isn't to say that pay-per-click campaigns can't be profitable.

Some people actually make a good chunk of their income from ppc campaigns.

It's basically a way of paying a specific amount for traffic, directing that traffic to a squeeze page then an offer, and hoping to recoup your money from the sale of a product or service.

There are even software programs that allow you to automate your campaigns. (Click here to read our PPC Evolution review)

So, there's one way of increasing your site traffic.

"I Just Followed the Action Guide"

"I read the Action Guide, took notes, and simply trusted the CTPM System. It was very simple to build a site. I just did it one "block" at a time."

~ Luisa Cupeles, (
Click here to read Luisa's Case Study

Search Engine Traffic...

A second way is by attracting visitors through the search engines by way of keyword phrase optimization.

One of the reasons that most blogs fail to see increased website traffic is because of poor keyword choice and structure.

Notice the keyword phrase for this page "make a free website".

It's a term that has high demand, low supply, and high profitability.

How do I know about this and all my other keyword choices? It's part of the SiteBuildIt! Video Action Guide, the cornerstone of all SBI websites.

What You Need to Do Next...

Most people try to learn how to start a blog and then realize they have no traffic.

If you've never built anything online, maybe it will give you some confidence to build something that way.

But, if you're serious about taking action and you don't want to waste your money on PPC campaigns that might not work, then this is for you.

Get a risk-free trial of SiteBuildIt! for $300. (Less than most PPC Campaigns)

If you hate it, you get your money back.

Remember, this is only for people who are serious about getting tons of free website traffic.

Great luck in building your website!

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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