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MicroContinuity Program Review

"Why Russell Brunson's MicroContinuity Program Works and May Be the Easiest Way to Make Money Online That You've Ever Seen!!"

MicroContinuity is the hot new word on the street.

You've probably seen an email or two from me or one of several other internet marketers introducing Russell Brunson's relatively new method of building a list, making money online, and putting everything on autoresponder autopilot.

I've actually started the process of taking many of my niche marketing websites and converting them into websites that follow his proven method.

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The Vision of Russell Brunson's Micro-C Program...

There are lots of fun ways to make money online.

Some people try ppc campaigns and ppc automation, others try making membership websites, while others focus on building affiliate income.

There are several headaches that you may run into with each, however.

  • Membership Sites require that you come up with fresh, exciting, and relevant content every single month -- forever.
  • PPC Campaigns can drain a lot of cash from your wallet unless you've got a program like PPC Evolution on your side.
  • Affiliate Programs may be the best of the bunch, but still require the presence of website traffic.

So, with all of these great ideas, but bumps in the road arising with each one, Russell set out to create a usable method that incorporates the best traits of each type of money-making program.

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More About MicroContinuity
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The Micro-C Basics...

The Micro-C concept consists of a squeeze page, a sales page, a video coaching program trial, and a series of upsells and downsells.

What makes this a "micro" program is that the video coaching lasts for a pre-defined period of time rather than going on forever.

Your squeeze page reveals that you've got something that your audience needs to know, and in order to get that information, you're visitor will have to enter their name and email address.

That's the trade-off.

Your secret is revealed in a video on the next page, as well as an offer for a FREE product (shipping and handling only).

This allows you to collect billing information and setup a trial to your video coaching program.

You may also elect at this point to introduce a series of upsells or downsells that are relative to your free cd or dvd and online coaching program.

This portion of the blueprint ties in directly with some of the best affiliate marketing programs using Butterfly Marketing 2.0.

Following the trial period of your online coaching program, your subscriber will begin to be billed for whatever amount was detailed in your sales page.

Throughout your internet video coaching, you'll have the opportunity to educate your viewers and continue to present affiliate marketing programs and/or your own products and services to help generate additional revenues.

See Micro-C In Action...

The best way to see the MicroContinuity concept in action is to visit Russell Brunson's Micro-C site.

You'll have access to valuable information that I have no doubt will positively impact the success of your online marketing business campaigns.

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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