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The Most Visited Websites and Their Traffic

"Learn How the Most Visited Websites Consistently Attract Site Visitors and Continually Increase Website Traffic"

How do the most visited websites get their consistent flow of website traffic?

I'm not talking about the super corporations like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. I'm talking about the websites that regular people build that are getting tens of thousands of visitors each day.

I'm going to reveal 5 closely guarded secrets to increased website traffic generation that you can use to help increase the traffic to your site.

These are web building and hosting tips that you'll be able to start using right away to help your site rank well in Alexa like these sites do.

5 Top Secrets To Increased Website Traffic

1) Content, Content, Content...and More Content

Just when you think you've written all there is, you have to come up with more web site content; something that your readers are looking for.

For the most part, the smaller a site, the less traffic it will have. Sure, there are some exceptions. I never said it was a rule, just a secret.

It should be pretty easy for you to find out who your competitors are. All you have to do is a Google search.

Check out the most visited websites in your industry and look at the total number of pages that are indexed (you can do this by typing "" into the Google search box.

You'll also want to see if they've listed the date of their most recent post or update. Some sites manage to maintain their traffic without creating very many new pages.

HINT: That doesn't mean you (yet), so keep writing as much as you can.

2) Social Networking

I wrote a bit about this not too long ago in my post "How I Increased Website Traffic by 300% in Just a Few Short Days".

More people spend their time on the internet than they do watching television. If you want to maintain or advance your business edge, you have to go where your consumers are.

Where are they? They're using Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn and a host of other similar sites for both personal and professional reasons.

The larger companies with the most visited websites have dedicated departments specifically for managing the effectiveness of these resources in relation to their overall business planning objectives.

If you're not already, then it's time to 'Get Social'.

3) Lots of In-Pointing Links

Link building tools are sort of like a referral system -- actually it is a referral system for the most visited websites.

Let's say that I'm a Personal Trainer and I've got 10 clients who are happy with my services and the results that they're achieving.

They're going to tell their friends, right? Actually, they'll probably tell a lot of people -- friends, family, coworkers, etc.

That's great for me because I didn't really have to do much more work than anticipated. I still trained them the same amount that I expected. They did all the "link-building" work.

You may want to read this next part twice because it's really important.

Pages with 100's of outgoing links are no longer effective.

Did you catch that? The old link-building system of exchanging links and putting people's link information on one dedicated page is no longer effective in terms of increasing website traffic.

One of my favorite website tips for building lots of in-pointing links is to use

It's an article submission site that lets you share articles for other site owners to publish on their sites (as long as they keep your "About the Author" information intact (complete with links).

Here are the articles I've had published on

ESSENTIAL: Save your most detailed articles for publication on your own site.

Any articles that you submit to article submission sites should be of high quality, but leave the readers wanting "the rest of the story", thereby enticing them to click through to your site, increasing your website traffic and ensuring you'll have one of the most visited websites soon.

4) Constant Contact

The best in website marketing that I've spoken with or followed through social networking say one very similar thing when they're asked what is most important to them.

They'll say you can burn the building down, steal all their computers, money, and everything else, as long as you leave them their list of email newsletter subscribers.

That contact information is the most important item in establishing a successful online presence. And, if everything were to burn down, your business could be back up and running profitably within the year as long as you had your list.

Staying in touch with your list at least 2x per month is a must.

I hear from some of my subscriptions up to 5x each week, but since I value the information so highly, it's not annoying.

Your newsletters initially will probably be insightful articles, but if you are comfortable with video, it's an excellent way to bring some of your personality to the screen with readers that you've never met face-to-face.

5) Do Your Homework

Remember back in college when you'd get together with your friends to study or work on a class project?

Well, you can and should do the same for business. Except instead of a study group, it's your very own 'Mastermind Group'.

Don't just consider this -- find a way to do it.

I enjoy having two groups.

One group is comprised completely of people who work in the same industry as I do. They know and understand my business and have their own passion for it as well.

The second group is made up of people in other industries. Their viewpoints give me a "fresh pair of eyes" on how I'm developing my plans to reach all of my business objectives.

Their insight is invaluable to me because they often bring up points I would never have considered on my own. And, they've often had great success with their strategies in their own businesses.

Great luck to you!

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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