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Social Networking Websites for Increased Website Traffic

"Using Social Networking Websites for Website Promotion and to Gather Pre-Qualified Leads"

social networking websites

Social networking websites have become the center of attention for increased website traffic over the past year or two.

If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon as a means of website promotion, then you are behind the eight ball.

The good news is that it's not too late for you to learn about this resource and take advantage of its many benefits.

What Is a Social Network?

That's a great question.

It's difficult not to have heard the term as it is thrown about in our newspapers, on television, and you may even hear kids talking about their sites.

It does seem like new technology and new buzz words are created every day, so it's okay if you're not up to speed yet.

Think of a social network as your book group, your poker buddies, or even better -- your online Chamber of Commerce.

It can run the spectrum from being very informal (like your poker group) or very formal like a town hall meeting.

poker kids games

Generally, it's a group of people with a common interest who gather (in this case online) to discuss topics related to that shared interest.

Isn't It Just for Kids?

I don't know many kids who are part of a poker group, although they'd probably catch on pretty quickly.

And, who knows, maybe they'd be on TV on the World Poker Tour if they were involved in poker groups earlier.

I'm kidding.

You may think that with the rise in popularity of sites like MySpace and especially Facebook over the past few years, that it is just a kids thing.

I've made the mistake before of not opening my eyes and ears to some of the latest crazes and wasted valuable time and missed opportunities because of it.

So, Lesson #1: Always research and brainstorm how a fad can be of use to you or your business.

There are successfull internet marketers using "that site that's just for kids" to make millions of dollars annually.

Did you know that President Barack Obama has a Facebook page?

social networking websites

Building Your Community

Much like a website, you'll have to create your voice and build rapport with your readers and/or supporters to realize success in gathering more website traffic through this medium.

It won't help you much if your message is "buy this, get that, order immediately".

Providing value and content (or value through content) is one of the first keys to social network success.

Remember the C*T*P*M process? If not, you can review it here.

Provide that valuable content on a consistent basis and position yourself as the expert and your list of followers will increase dramatically.

Through your loyal readership, you'll evoke a cult-like following (hopefully) and will have pre-sold your followers on products and services that you may offer in the future.

Staying Focused as You Build

As there are so many of these sites popping up each day, it's easy to get confused as to where to concentrate your energies.

First, pick one of the following:

Then, you'll want to focus on building an established readership, fan base, and/or list of subscribers.

Remember, your quality content will be key in attracting followers and keeping your community alive.

Once you are happy with your viewership, begin on your next network, but don't forget to stay in constant contact with your first group -- otherwise they'll start to leave.

Continue to add to your social networking websites, use your link building tools and you'll be well on your way to owning a successful web business.

Great luck!!

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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