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Building Web Site Content

"Learn the Best Methods for Building Web Site Content"

Delivering web site content shouldn't make you pull out your hair.

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First off, if you're passionate about your website topic, you should have lots of ideas for website articles.

But, you're probably thinking that you'll get writer's block eventually.

That may be true, but there are several great ways to beat writer's block.

Let's look at my favorite ways of building content for your websites!

Important Ways to Deliver Content for Your Site

I used to teach fitness professionals in a classroom setting, so I've spent a lot of time writing on chalkboards, erasing whiteboards, and letting my voice recover from speaking for 8 hours at a time.

One of the important things that I took away from that experience is that people learn in different ways - actually, that's something I taught, too.

how to build a website

Here are the 3 ways that most people learn:

1) Seeing:

This can be a combination of reading as in a textbook, or in watching a performed action.

An example that I used to use was to teach my students how to perform an exercise, but I wouldn't say anything during the drill. (Fun!!)

2) Hearing:

Some people learn better by listening to detailed instruction. To teach this principle, I'd teach another exercise, but I'd tell all of my students to keep their eyes closed during the drill. That way they were forced to rely on auditory cues to perform the action.

3) Doing:

The last way is by actually placing someone in the correct position. There were always some students who learned best with a combination of audio input and visual input while they were attempting the desired action or exercise. They may also have needed help with exact placement of arms, limbs, etc for the exercises involved.

So, that was specific to fitness, but you can and should use similar principles in presenting to your website visitors.

But, People Just Scan Web Pages Now

Your written words are your basics, but not everyone reads entire pages anymore, right? Do you?

No, normally we just scan web pages.

But, do you tend to click on audio files or on web page videos?

I do. And, when I purchase something online, I now prefer to listen to it (mp3, cd, etc) or watch it (video education, Microcontinuity, etc).

So, How Do I Deliver Content?

First, you'll want to get writing.

The most important thing is the C*T*P*M process. It's what gathers the most organic traffic and pleases Google with on and off-page criteria.

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"Important Resource"

"Make Your Words Sell" is a complimentary resource that will teach you how to become a better web content writer.

You can download it for FREE today by clicking here.

After you've burnt yourself out writing web site content, there are 2 things I suggest trying first.

Video: If you're comfortable on camera, just grab a Flipcam and start recording short video clips (3-5 minutes) that you can post on your site. If you're camera shy, Camtasia is a great resource for screen capture videos.

Audio: If you don't have access to a video camera, audio is the way to go. Imagine how much time you can save talking about something rather than sitting there at your computer trying to write it! and are 2 of my favorites. Don't forget that you can choose to provide your recordings for free or you can turn them into products!


Committed to your success,

David Bohmiller

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