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A few website building software reviews can help you make an informed decision as you create your online presence.

Learning how to start a blog, build a website, or do both, and then researching all the website optimization service options can be confusing.

On top of that, most people end up spending more money than they need to, doing things the wrong way, and then having to start from scratch.

The following service, which I've personally used, has worked it's way to the top of my list in terms of providing the tools necessary to build a website successfully.

Website Development and Design Services... | (Take the VideoTour Here)
I've used Ken Evoy's software since 2006 on various websites for myself and for clients. This all-inclusive website building and hosting service has consistently been responsible for my highest traffic producing websites.

My one complaint about SiteBuildIt! web hosting is that there isn't (yet) an option for a squeeze page.

For those of you new to internet marketing terminology, this would be a solitary page that presents who you are, what you've got, why someone needs it, and how to get it.

The how to get it is almost always an email opt-in box that lets your visitor in on material that otherwise would have been private.

Why is that a problem?

If you look around this website, and several of my others, you'll notice that you didn't have to opt-in to see tons of pages of high-value content.

Hopefully it's been a win for you as you've got full access to information that should help you build a website of your own.

The downside for the website owner is that, despite the increased website traffic, I don't know who all my visitors are.

I won't know who you are unless you want more information and tips on how to build your website and decide to opt-in to my newsletter in the top right column.

So, in essence, I'm trading an increase in website traffic for a lower conversion rate of visitors to newsletter subscribers.

Your list of subscribers is vitally important as it allows you to create further contact with potential customers, build a relationship, and increase revenues.

What's the plus side?

The plus side is that you get everything else that you need all in one place with the advantage of having their BrainStormIt! tool.

That's the big secret behind their keyword-based search engine optimization, consistent results, and their happy group called "SBI'ers".

What Other Website Building Software Do I Recommend?

Although none of the others match the organic traffic numbers that I receive with SiteBuildIt!, I've also seen success with a few other offerings:

  • Butterfly Marketing 2.0
    My favorite series of website scripts for creating a smooth upsell and downsell process and creating several membership levels for all entrants. Click here to see it.
  • MicroContinuity
    Developed by Russell Brunson and quickly becoming one of the most popular website business offerings. Read our review here.

Enjoy and Great Luck!

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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