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Website Building Using SBI

"It's True...Website Building Using SBI Consistently Delivers Me the Most Online Traffic"

Website building using SBI can be a rewarding process.

Despite all the resources provided, there is one resource that they can't provide.

how to make a website

That's what they call "Brains and Motivation".

For those of you willing to dedicate a little bit of time and effort, then keep reading.

You'll be on your way soon to joining their many success stories.

My First Website Creation Attempt Was A Failure...

My first attempt at building a website with SBI was a complete flop.

I tried to rush through the initial steps that were necessary to the future success and because of that, I missed out on some important building blocks.

The most crucial step that I missed was in thoroughly researching (with keyword optimization tools provided) the demand, supply, and profitability of the keywords I was using for my site concept and structure.

In English that means that I didn't pay attention to how many people were looking for what I wanted to write about (it wasn't many apparently).

In the years since that first attempt, I've built about 7 SBI websites and close to 10 wordpress blogs.

Blogging or Site-Building?

To tell you the truth, blogging is easier -- but, it's never been as successful (for me at least).

I looked at my Google Analytics stats today and my most popular blog has received 166 visitors this month. That's about 5 visitors per day.

That's not enough people to sustain any home based business opportunities.

My lowest performing SiteBuildIt! website, on the other hand, gathered 593 visitors this month. That's just about 20 visitors per day. (Click here for Case Studies).

That's 4 times as many people for my worst performing website.

I like the functionality of blogs, but taking the time to learn the SBI resources will pay dividends in the end.

Actually, the last statistic I heard (don't have the resource -- sorry) was that only 1 in every 2,000 blogs creates a sustainable income for it's owner.

On the flip side, 35% of all SBI sites reach the Top 1% of website rankings and 62% of all SBI sites reach the Top 3%.

They even provide proof. (Click here to see results)

What's The SBI Secret to Success?

I'd have to say that it's not just one secret, but a whole series of website secrets that they've compiled, researched, and presented clearly for you.

Everything begins with their 10-Day Action Guide (Click here to Watch) | (Click here to Read).

That's where the detail the research steps, design steps, content building process, link building tools, methods of how to increase website traffic, and how to make money online.

The only other system that might come close in professionalism and detail is Russell Brunson's Second Tier Program, but even that finishes a close 2nd for me. (It doesn't provide everything all in one -- it's ONLY downfall).

Get Your Risk-Free Trial...

Over the years that I've been using the SBI service, I've seen the company grow and expand in the number and scope of the resources they provide their cusomters.

And, I'm really excited to see what they bring to the table in the future.

If you're interested in website building using SBI, Click here to learn about the trial, then make your decision.

Great luck in building your website!

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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