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"Do It Yourself or Have A Professional Design Your Website"

There is so much website design software available online, but I've found my favorite.

And, there's no chance I'm building a site without this one specific software again.

If you've been checking out the site, you know that I'm a huge fan of SiteBuildIt! and have had success creating all of my sites using their services.

For those of you who haven't seen it before, here is a Quick Video introduction, just 2 minutes, that tells you a little bit about SBI.

The Do It Yourself Way...

website builder

This is definitely my favorite approach.

Just like they say in the video, many SBI'ers choose the do-it-yourself method of building a website.

You're never really alone since so many entrepreneurs just like you have been there before -- and they're willing to help out in the SBI forums.

Check out some of the case studies of people who used the do-it-yourself method of making a website.

These People Are Trying It...

I Found Another Video For You...

This is my favorite video from an SBI'er that got to quit his job because he found freedom online. Check it out.

Have Professional Web Designers Do It For You...

website success

You might be asking yourself how you'll ever find the time to build a website of your own, let alone learn how to use the website design software.

With family, friends, work, and everything else in your life, that's a valid concern and shows that you're thinking.

If you're already a successful professional, you probably got there by being able to delegate and outsource projects efficiently.

This is an opportunity for you to do the same and experience high quality service and results that will impact your businesses bottom line.

Continue here to learn all about and our website building professional service options.

See What Our Clients Have Experienced...

kids health fitness

Excellence Through Exercise

ETE is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children and communities about the benefits of health, fitness, and nutrition.

Based in Whittier, CA, they are leading a global initiative in providing education, supply athletic equipment, and building playgrounds.

pro volleyball players

Pro Volleyball Players

Built for AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Player Gretchen Duffner.

Her site functions as a resource for those who want to learn the game, fans who want to follow their favorite player, and an informational tool for potential team sponsors.

components of physical fitness

Active Rehabilitation

Designed for a Physical Therapy clinic that also houses a personal training business.

Their site provides information for their current clients and patients.

It also serves as a means of positioning their facility as the #1 provider of physical therapy services in their area.

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I realize that this is an important decision and I'm sure that you do have questions before you get started.

Get your questions ready and ask away...

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