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Developing An Effective Website Marketing Strategy

"Learn the Basics of Marketing Your Website"

Developing an Effective Website Marketing Strategy:

Hundreds of thousands of new people continue to flock to the internet for the first time each and every single day. Some are just casual users who are searching for information, or looking to buy products and/or services, and some are looking to start their own online business.

Running your own online business from home is now massively popular, but with so many new people arriving online and launching business websites, the competition is getting more fierce. This means that if you want to get your website noticed amongst the many millions that now exist, you have to develop the right website marketing strategy.

There are several different strategies open to you, so we'll briefly touch on them to give you the opportunity to review what works best for you.

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Several Website Marketing Strategy Options...

Search Engine Optimization

The first thing is to get your website recognized and push it as high in the search engine rankings as you can. The aim should be to get to the number one position on Google, which means that when someone searches for your product or service, your website will be at the top of the search engine report resulting in increased traffic to your site.

The process of improving your ranking is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It all depends on your level of competence and your understanding of how the web works as to whether or not you will be capable of doing your own SEO.

If you feel you are not up to doing it yourself, then you can hire SEO specialists to do the job for you. They will make sure your website is search engine friendly by checking that it is laid out favorably and that the coding is appropriate; they will devise keywords that when properly utilized will generate increased website traffic.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC (Pay per click) (see Keyword Elite 2.0) is a very popular marketing technique. The way that PPC works is that you bid for right to use certain keywords associated with the products or services that your website offers.

You then include these keywords in an advertisement using a program such as Google's Adwords. You only pay for the use of your keywords when someone clicks on your advertisement, which in turn means that they will land on your site. The advantage with this form of advertising is that it is targeted to the audience you are trying to attract.

Link Building and/or Link Exchange

Another form of marketing is by using back links. This is when you have an agreement with a number of other websites, (they may be competitors or businesses in an associated market), to display an advert on their sites with a link directly back your website.

You can have either one-way links or reciprocal links. You may for example have your own wine business that you decide to link to a number of businesses selling cheese. Anytime someone buys cheese on one of your "partner" sites, they get tempted to buy a nice red wine when they see your "ad link". Click here to register for Value Exchange FREE.

"Earning and Learning"

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Email Marketing via List Building

Then there is email marketing that relies on making lists of potential clients and sending them marketing emails.

Lists are usually built from visitors to your website who voluntarily leave their email contact details in return for subscribing to a newsletter or gift offer etc. This method of marketing is effective if you are good at list building, and it is cost effective.

Network Marketing aka Social Network Marketing

Finally, there is network marketing, which relies on sending your marketing messages out to people who subscribe to social networking sites like FaceBook or Twitter etc.

The social networking community is absolutely vast, so tapping into it in the right way can yield amazing results.

There is also a branch of network marketing called MLM (Multi Level Marketing). With MLM, you are not only network marketing a product and/or service, but you also invite others to join your team, and every time one of your team makes sale, you get paid a commission.

This gives you two sources of income, one from the actual product /service, and another from your "down-line" sales.

It is usual for people to employ a number of website marketing strategy methods in order to try to maximize sales.

Great luck and great building!

Committed to your success,

David I. Bohmiller, President

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